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  • We are here for your pets!

    We like to meet with you and your pets to fully understand your pet’s needs. The consultation is free of charge!

  • What We Offer

  • Walks are great for any dogs that need an outlet during the day to offset boredom, anxiety, etc. If you work long hours, are not as mobile, or just too busy to walk your dog, this service is for you!

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  • This is our premier service that will surely delight and stimulate your pet! We pick-up your dog for a morning group hike in Runyon Canyon, or a visit to William S. Hart Dog Park.

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  • Do you need to leave your shy, elderly or even sick dog for a longer stretch of time? With a maximum of only three dogs per day, this service is a perfect alternative to a busy, crowded daycare.

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  • We provide only the best care for your pet when you can’t be there. Ditch the kennel for a home-ours or yours! Either private, or with a friend or two.

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  • This is the perfect pet sit if your dog or cat does not require sleepover care, but needs some love and affection while you’re away. We’re happy to stop by and walk, feed, and/or play with your dog or cat one or multiple times per day.

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  • Don’t have time? Don’t worry. Just let us help you out. We can give your pet a lift to and from the veterinarian, day care, groomer, or anywhere else they need to go!

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  • What Our Clients Say

    These are just a few reasons why pet owners are WOWed!

  • Megan was recommended to me by the Palazzo. I've had other dog walkers in the past, but no one compares to Megan. Megan is very professional, punctual, and her love for animals is obvious. I completely trust Megan with my shih-tzu Bella. She sends updates and pictures after all walks. She freshens the water and gives her treats. She even trained my dog to walk up/down stairs. Megan also sends weekly schedules via email for the upcoming week with any balances due and upcoming payments. She also sends monthly WOW newsletters, which are very informative. Bella looks forward to her walks and playtime with Megan. I would happilty recommend WOW to anyone!

    Nicole M.

  • I can't even begin to tell you how awesome Megan is. She is sweet, kind, responsible, and always goes above and beyond to please her clients and always does her best to be accommodating. Recently, she helped me last minute when I was in a bind with a new puppy. Megan swooped in and saved the day for me! I am so grateful for her services. I can't recommend her enough! Megan is communicative, patient and really cares about the client and is truly a nurturing animal lover. She is centered, capable, competent, trustworthy and a good human being. When I go out of town, there is no doubt in my mind that my pets are well cared for. I trust her implicitly, like I would a family member. What a gem!

    Jessica R.

  • Magen is great! I am new to Los Angeles from a small town in the Midwest, so I was very nervous about having a dog walker while away for business travel. My dogs do much better at home than boarding (where they usually come back nervous wrecks). Magen did an excellent job--she sent daily status updates bout how the walks went and was clearly concerned about taking good care of my girls. When I returned, both Essex and Maddie were in great spirits--they were excited to see me, but there was none of the stress for them usually associated with my travel. Magen also provided a great post-trip 'debriefing" of how walking my dogs went, with recommendations to make things smoother in the future. We will definitely use Walks over Wilshire again! :)

    Stephanie K.