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  •                               Serving Miracle Mile, for your pet care needs!

  • Dog walking/Potty Breaks

    Walks over Wilshire serves two types of clients: those who use us on an as-needed basis and those who use us on a regular basis. Walks over Wilshire’s pricing system for regular clients is based on the number of walks each week.  Regular clients are invoiced the weekend before each service and have up to one month to pay any balance. As-needed clients have the flexibility of adding visits here and there, but payment is then required at the time of each service. All cancellations and service requests must be made before 7pm the night before any service or a 50% fee will be applied to the next invoice.  Read More

  • Park Visits and Hikes

    This is our premier service that will surely delight and stimulate your pet! We pick-up your dog for a morning group hike in Runyon Canyon, or a visit to William S. Hart Dog Park. Read More

  • Semi-private daycare

    Do you need to leave your shy, elderly or even sick dog for a longer stretch of time? With a maximum of only three dogs per day, this service is a perfect alternative to a busy, crowded daycare. Read More

  • Overnights

    We provide only the best care for your pet when you can’t be there. Ditch the kennel for a home-ours or yours! Either private, or with a friend or two. Read More

  • Pet sitting

    This is the perfect pet sit if your dog or cat does not require sleepover care, but needs some love and affection while you’re away. We’re happy to stop by and walk, feed, and/or play with your dog or cat one or multiple times per day. Read More

  • Pet taxi

    Don’t have time? Don’t worry. Just let us help you out. We can give your pet a lift to and from the veterinarian, day care, groomer, or anywhere else they need to go! Read More